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2018 Polyurethane Rigid Foam Industry Development Forum

Edit:Cangzhou City JunchiWeiye Chemical Co.,LtdUpDate:May 14, 2018

2018 Polyurethane Rigid Foam Industry Development Forum

On April 18-20, 2018, organized by the China Polyplastics Processing Industry Association Polyurethane Products Quasi-Committee Committee and sponsored by our company’s“2018 Polyurethane Rigid Foam Industry Development Forum” was held in Guilin City. The forum invited the government departments officials, industry scholars, industry experts, and upstream and downstream representatives of companies ,etc. For the new policy and macroeconomic situation, how the polyurethane rigid foam industry responds, improves, develops, and innovates to conduct exchange discussions.With regard to the development trend of polyurethane rigid foam in the world, technical explanations and introductions on technical research in the application fields of cold chain, spray coating, construction panels, and pipe and so on.

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